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Tragedy Struck
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On the evening of December 10, tragedy struck our small community. A “quad-state” storm produced a record-breaking EF4 tornado which ripped through Mayfield and Graves County. Precious lives were lost and many homes, businesses, churches and historical landmarks were demolished or permanently damaged.

The powerful tornado plowed through historic downtown, leaving destruction in its path. An iconic mural reads the words “Mayfield: More than a memory.” Those words have become our town’s motto as we have all banded together to help with relief efforts.

Who We Are

As a result, The Mayfield-Graves County Tornado Relief Fund, Inc. was founded just 3 days after the tornado caused devastation to Mayfield and Graves County.

The legal requirements as well as the responsibility of stewardship of the funds that our organization accumulates have required programs that are both fair and structured, and subject to the verification needs that we will be required to maintain for a 5031c status.

We have provided immediate funding relief and have also established programs to assist individuals whose homes or vehicles have been damaged or destroyed, or who are facing other serious financial needs. With a focus on rebuilding our community, our organization’s efforts will help those recovering from this natural disaster for the long haul.

Mayfield’s story does not end here. This is simply the beginning. With your support, we look forward to the rebuilding and regrowth of Mayfield and making our community the best that it can be.

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Our mission is to fund the rebuilding of Mayfield and Graves County so our community can be the best that it can be. All funds will benefit residents of Mayfield and Graves County who submit an application for relief funding approved by our board. Funds will be distributed to qualified individuals who are in need of financial assistance to replace a damaged or destroyed home or vehicle, or who are facing other serious financial needs.

Recent News

We are very appreciative of everyone who has donated so far to our relief efforts.

100% of all donations stay in Mayfield/Graves County