Apply Online for The Homeowner  Damage Assistance Program



To be considered for assistance arising out of damage to real property which was your primary residential dwelling, caused by the December 10, 2021 tornado, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You are a resident of Mayfield or Graves County,
  2. You owned and occupied the damaged property as your primary residence at the time it was damaged by the tornado of December 10, 2021,
  3. Your household income does not exceed three (3) times the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines for the resident’s household size at the time of the loss.

It is anticipated that the assistance will be in the amount of the lesser of:

  1. The value of property damaged, if a total loss, reduced by any insurance, FEMA or other amount received for the damage;
  2. The cost of repair, if repairable, reduced by any insurance, FEMA or other amount received for the damage;
  3. Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($ 7,500).

The assistance given will be on a case by case basis, subject to the total amount that has been funded for this program. To illustrate what proof may be required, one of more of the following items may be needed, depending on the circumstances: a 2020 tax return or other proof of income, a copy of the deed to the property (and title, if a mobile home or other titled modular home), proof of cost of repair such as an estimate or bill, a letter from the insurance agent setting out the deductible (if insurance was applicable), proof of the value of the property damaged, photographs of the damage, proof of denial by FEMA. Only damage to the  residence and contents shall be subject for this program. No payment shall be made for the detached structures, landscaping, trees, fencing, or other items. Mobile homes are subject to compensation, campers and temporary dwellings are not. Payment will be made only to the owner as shown on the deed or other title documents.